Segment 2

Description & Timeline

The I-75 Modernization Project, which is introducing the first HOV lane in Michigan, has been accelerated. The original nine construction segments are now combined into three segments. Segment 1 and Segment 2 are complete with Segment 3 actively in progress. Construction progress updates are posted as they occur.

Improvements for Segment 2: North of 13 Mile to North of Coolidge Highway include:

  • Reconstruction of freeway pavement, interchanges and bridges
  • Addition of a HOV lane in each direction by enclosing the median
  • Drainage improvements
  • Aesthetics and noise walls where they meet Federal/State criteria

Two I-75 lanes in each direction will remain open during construction.

Construction Segments Map


  • Start date: Fall 2018
  • Three lanes are now Open to Traffic on NB and SB I-75; Project Completion is expected in 2021.

Have Segment 2 Questions?

Please contact the MDOT Oakland TSC at (248) 451-0001.