Project Introduction

Rendering of a divergent diamond interchange

The diverging diamond interchange (DDI) design will modernize the Big Beaver and 14 Mile Road interchanges and improve both vehicle and pedestrian safety.

Accelerated project construction will get Michigan moving smarter, safer, sooner.

Sustainable transportation across the state is vital to Michigan’s quality of life and economy.

Connecting families, business and regions across the state.

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) technology will monitor real-time traffic conditions along the I-75 corridor.

A new tunnel will collect stormwater drainage from the corridor to support safe travel.

Project Updates

    Now Open

    Segment 2

    • I-75 Northbound has three lanes open from 13 Mile Road to Wattles Road. 
    • I-75 Northbound has one lane open from Wattles Road to Long Lake Road starting March 8 through mid-April.
    • I-75 Southbound has three lanes open from 13 Mile Road Adams Road.
    • 14 Mile Road Ramps
      • I-75 southbound to 14 Mile Road westbound
      • 14 Mile Road eastbound to I-75 southbound
      • I-75 northbound to 14 Mile Road eastbound
      • 14 Mile Road westbound to I-75 northbound
    • Rochester Road ramps to/from I-75 northbound and southbound
    • Crooks/Corporate Drive ramp to/from I-75 northbound and southbound

    Segment 3


    • I-75 has two lanes open in each direction from 8 Mile Road to the 13 Mile Roads

    Open Ramps:

    • Entrance ramp to Southbound I-75 at 8 Mile Road
    • Entrance ramp to Southbound I-75 at 11 Mile Road
    • Exit ramp from Northbound I-75 at 8 Mile Road
    • Entrance ramps from Northbound I-75 to I-696 Eastbound and Westbound

    You can also use the the interactive map on the MDOT MiDrive site ( to see open/closed ramps.


    Segment 2

    Lanes and Ramps:

    • 14 Mile Road Ramps (expected to open Summer 2021)

      • Southbound I-75 to eastbound 14 Mile Road
      • Northbound I-75 to westbound 14 Mile Road
      • Westbound 14 Mile Road to southbound I-75
      • Eastbound 14 Mile Road to northbound I-75


    • All Big Beaver Ramps will close through late March; with these ramps expected to remain closed through Spring 2021 
      • Southbound I-75 to eastbound Big Beaver Road
      • Northbound I-75 to westbound Big Beaver Road
      • Westbound Big Beaver Road to southbound I-75
      • Eastbound Big Beaver Road to northbound I-75

    Segment 3


    • Beginning Monday, March 1, two lanes will be closed in each direction from just south of 8 Mile to just north of 13 Mile roads through November 2021.


    • All exit ramps along southbound I-75 from south of I-696 to 8 Mile Road - closed through November 2021
    • Eastbound and westbound I-696 ramps to southbound I-75 - closed through November 2021

    Service Drive:

    • Northbound service drive from Shevlin Avenue to Woodward Heights and access from local roads in this area - closed through November 2021
    • Southbound service drive from Dallas Ave to Mapledale Road, Woodward Heights to Brekenridge Avenue, and 9 Mile to 8 Mile Roads will have a complete closure through November 2021.  Access from local streets in this area will also be impacted.

    Local Roads

    • Starting Monday, March 8th, 13 Mile Road will be reduced to one lane in each direction through July as crews rebuild the bridge.
    • Dallas Avenue/Hilton Road to Mapledale Avenue to southbound service drive - closed through November 2021.
    • Woodward Heights to Breckenridge Avenue to southbound service drive - closed through November 2021.

    **Note, all work is weather dependent and dates/times are subject to change.

    You can also use the the interactive map on the MDOT MiDrive site ( to see open/closed ramps.

    Nearby Projects

    The following projects are not part of the I-75 Modernization project, however are in adjacent areas.

    Nearby MDOT Projects:

    Nearby Local City and Agency Projects:


    A public meeting was held for Segment 3 on Thursday, February 11, 2021.  For to view information presented and/or a recording of the meeting please visit our Segment 3 Resources & Links page.


    Attention residents of the City of Troy and motorists who use the Big Beaver or 14 Mile Road Interchanges:

    As part of the I-75 Modernization Project, the interchanges at Big Beaver and 14 Mile Roads are being reconstructed into Diverging Diamond Interchanges (DDI’s). The Big Beaver interchange is anticipated to open mid-April, while 14 Mile Road Interchange is anticipated to open in Spring of 2021.

    Update February 9, 2021 - The DDI at Big Beaver Road is scheduled to open by mid-April. Several activities need to take place including installing new signals, application of permanent and special pavement markings, and constructing new curbs. Crews are awaiting suitable weather to complete these necessary steps.  Thank you for your continued patience.  


    DDI’s are a safer option for both motorists and pedestrians. To learn more about DDI’s including how to navigate them please visit our Project Highlights - DDI Edition page under “Travel I-75”.   Stay up-to-date with information about the project by signing for email blasts or following our social media channels.

    Project Videos


    I-75 North of 8 Mile Road to south of I-696 video – Dec 2020 (No audio)


    I-75 Coolidge Highway to Big Beaver Road - Dec 2020 (No audio)


    I-75 DDI's at Big Beaver Road and 14 Mile Road - Dec 2020 (No audio)


    Meyers Avenue Bridge Progress Video 2020 (No audio)


    9 Mile Road Retaining Wall - Aug to Nov 2020 (No audio)


    Paving of I-75 at I-696 Sep 2020 (No audio)


    Meyers Bridge Demolition Feb 29 2020 (No audio)


    I-75 Big Beaver Road Interchange Proposed DDI (No audio)


    I-75 Oakland County Freeway Improvements (With audio)

    Happening Now


    Overnight work to begin near Shevlin Avenue Bridge site

    Pardon our noise: Overnight work near Shevlin Ave and I-75 Freeway in Hazel Park is scheduled for Monday March 8th through early Friday, March 12th.  We appreciate your continued patience as crews work to rebuild the bridge.


    13 Mile Road Work to begin at 11 p.m.

    Please pardon our noise for this weekend's work: For those that live in the vicinity of the 13 Mile Road structure, demolition of the southbound I-75 bridge will begin at 11 p.m. and continue during the overnight hours.  13 Mile Road will have one lane open in each direction under I-75 by 5 a.m. Monday, March 8.


    I-75 lane and ramp closures begin Monday, March 8

    Fast facts:
    - Northbound I-75 will have lane closures from Big Beaver to Wattles roads.
    - All ramps at the I-75/Big Beaver Road interchange will close for two weeks.

    Weather permitting, lane and ramp closures will begin at 7 a.m. Monday, March 8, on I-75 for punch list items and sound wall construction in the city of Troy. Beginning at 7 a.m., the following restrictions will be in place:

    • only the left lane will be open on northbound I-75 at Big Beaver Road as crews work on repairing a drainage connection. The double-lane closures are expected to remain in place until sunset on March 15.
    • Pavement work will require closing all ramps at the I-75/Big Beaver Road interchange for two weeks. Northbound ramp traffic will be detoured to the Crooks Road/Corporate Drive interchange while southbound ramp traffic will be directed to Rochester Road.
    • Northbound I-75 will have two lanes open near Wattles Road as crews build a new sound wall. The lane closures are expected to remain in place until mid-April.

    View Press Release


    13 Mile Road work rescheduled to Friday

    The closure of 13 Mile under I-75 for bridge demolition has been rescheduled to Friday, March 5 starting at 6 p.m.  Thank you for your patience.

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