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Segment 2

  • I-75 Northbound has two lanes open from 13 Mile Road to Wattles Road. 
  • I-75 Northbound has one lane open from Wattles Road to Long Lake Road starting March 8 through mid-May.
  • I-75 Southbound has three lanes open from 13 Mile Road Adams Road.
  • 14 Mile Road Ramps, except westbound to I-75 northbound
  • Rochester Road ramps to/from I-75 northbound and southbound
  • Big Beaver Ramps to/from I-75 northbound and southbound 

Segment 3


  • I-75 has two lanes open in each direction from 8 Mile Road to the 13 Mile Roads

Open Ramps:

  • Entrance ramp to Southbound I-75 at 8 Mile Road
  • Exit ramp from Northbound I-75 at 8 Mile and 9 Mile Roads
  • Entrance ramps from Northbound I-75 to I-696 Eastbound and Westbound

You can also use the the interactive map on the MDOT MiDrive site ( to see open/closed ramps.