Segment 1

North of Coolidge Highway to North of South Boulevard

Construction Progress to Date

100% of the segment is complete

The I-75 Modernization Project within Oakland County - North of Coolidge Highway to North of South Boulevard.

Have Segment 1 Questions?

Please reach out to the MDOT Oakland TSC (248) 451-0001.

Weekly Updates

The I-75 Modernization Project, introducing the first HOV lane in Michigan, has been accelerated. The original nine construction segments are now combined into three segments. Segment 1 and Segment 2 are complete, with Segment 3 actively in progress.

Improvements for Segment 1: North of Coolidge to North of South Boulevard included the following activities:

  • Reconfigured the I-75 Business Loop (Square Lake Road) interchange
  • Replaced freeway lanes and bridges
  • Connected with Bloomfield Township Safety Paths on Squirrel Road over I-75
  • Developed and constructed tree replacement and landscape plan
  • Upgraded existing Bloomfield - Adams Road Carpool Lot
  • Incorporated collaboratively-developed community aesthetics
  • Planted over 6,000 trees and shrubs