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About the I-75 Modernization Project:

MDOT is reconstructing nearly 18 miles of I-75 between M-102 (Eight Mile Road) and South Boulevard in Oakland County. MDOT will be rebuilding the freeway for the first time since it was originally constructed. The construction will be performed in three phases. Segment 1 construction has been completed from north of Coolidge Highway to north of South Boulevard; Segment 2 construction is nearly complete from north of 13 Mile to north of Coolidge Highway; and Segment 3 construction is in progress from north of M-102 (8 Mile Road) to north of 13 Mile Road.

Along with reconstructing the travel lanes, MDOT is replacing bridges and adding an additional lane in each direction that will serve as a High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane during the morning and afternoon peak hours, Monday through Friday. HOV lanes require two or more people in a vehicle using the lane. At all other times, it will serve as a general-use lane. To support the use of the HOV lane, new carpool lots will be developed and the existing carpool lot was enhanced.

Safety upgrades include modernizing interchanges and geometric improvements, such as separating movements at the I-696/I-75 northbound interchange from the I-75 northbound exit to 11 Mile Road and reconfiguring interchanges at 12 Mile, 14 Mile, and Big Beaver Roads into Diverging Diamond Interchanges (DDI).

Community developed aesthetic improvements are included throughout the project.